Product presentation: Combination of products with TOBI® Drive-System

TOBI® Drive-System


offers advantages for a wide range of applications and is therefore not only suitable for do-it-yourselfers and craftsmen, but also for industrial customers. Find out more about how the TOBI® Drive can simplify your processes

No more dropping the screw

Due to the unique geometry of the bit and screw head, the screws hold reliably. This self-hold effect works without magnetism and is therefore also suitable for screws made of stainless steel and carbon steel with surface coating.

Safe overhead assembly

The form-fitting connection of bit and screw not only reduces assembly times, but also the physical strain on the craftsman, because screws that fall or tilt on the bit cost time and nerves.

Axial alignment of the screw

The exact alignment of the screw facilitates exact placement and precise screw fastening, even in areas that are difficult to access, such as deep in the installation space or in concealed places. No second hand is needed to secure the screw to the bit. The second hand remains free for holding a component respectively assembly element or as a support for a safe stand to prevent accidents. This is advantageous in tight assembly situations where there is hardly any room for a second hand. In practice, this is the reason why mandatory fastening points may even be omitted.
Head of TOBI® Drive-System

Fabian Unterderweide

Head of TOBI® Drive-System

+49 (0)151 579 776 32

Application Engineering Manager TOBI® Drive-System

Michael Schmidt

Application Engineering Manager TOBI® Drive-System

+49 (0) 2751 529-256

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