Product presentation: Combination of products with TOBI® Drive-System

TOBI® Drive-System

TOBI® Drive-System

With this innovative solution, you can increase your efficiency and optimize your workflows. Learn more about this system in our video:

Technical Details

Due to the special geometry between the drive (screw head recess) and the bit (drive tool) we were able to combine three main requirements. The axial alignment, the maximum contact area and holding the screw in the tool. The combination of these properties supports, for example, easier overhead work or the fastening of components or parts in areas that are difficult to access, as well as an automated fastening process. This saves time, resources and therefore costs.

Axial alignment of the screw

During insertion of the TOBI® bit in the screw head drive the system is axially aligned. This is an advantage for automatic screw feeding with robots and for critical applications where the screw or nut thread may not be damaged. The converging surfaces ensure that the screws will only drop out of the TOBI® tool after they are tightened.

More contact surface = less wear

There is up to ten times more contact surface between the TOBI® screw head profile and the bit compared to the hexagon socket drive. This minimal point load between bit and drive leads to less wear on the screwdriving tools and the entire system. This leads to a reduction in time and costs due to long-lasting tools in assembly.

Disassembly also with Hexalobular socket bit

In case of repair or service, a screw with TOBI® Drive can be loosened and fastened again with a standard hexalobular bit. Due to this compatibility, the mechanic does not need any special tools. The manufacturer of the product benefits from the advantages of the TOBI® Drive-System without any restrictions.

Self-hold effect

Large concave and small convex radii in the drive and a taper to the upper edge of the bit lead to a slight clamping effect of the screw. This prevents the screw from falling out of the bit and leads to safe working in all positions, such as overhead assembly or other hard-to-reach screw points.


The vacuum technology previously used in assembly is slow, energy-intensive, and has only limited process reliability. The TOBI® Drive-System also holds non-metallic screws securely in all positions. This leads to significant cost and time savings and it reduces the CO2 footprint.
Head of TOBI® Drive-System

Fabian Unterderweide

Head of TOBI® Drive-System

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Application Engineering Manager TOBI® Drive-System

Michael Schmidt

Application Engineering Manager TOBI® Drive-System

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