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TOBI® Drive-System

The TOBI® Drive-System

offers advantages for a wide range of applications and is therefore not only suitable for do-it-yourselfers and craftsmen, but also for industrial customers. Find out more about how the TOBI® Drive can simplify your processes.

Use of the TOBI® Drive-System

The use of the TOBI® Drive-System prevents downtimes in fully or semi-automatic screw assembly. Worn bits cause enormous tool costs because they have to be replaced regularly. Every tool change means system downtime. The larger contact surface between TOBI® Drive and bit ensures a reduction of bit wear and a minimisation of tool change time. The axial alignment of the screw is ideally suited for industrial "pick and place" workplaces, as it leads to a minimisation of machine downtime caused by jamming or blocking of the fastening point. The worker also has one hand free, for example for component machining.


The TOBI® Drive-System is optimized for manual assembly in industrial environments. It allows the worker to pick up screws with one hand, irrespective of the material being used. Since only one hand is needed for this, the other hand can be used for positioning or for holding the component. The axial alignment of the screw in all assembly situations ensures easy application of the screw.

To hold the screw securely during the assembly process, the TOBI® Drive-System does not require any complex system technology. It is particularly suitable for cleanroom assembly, as it causes very minimal abrasion on technically clean screws.
Contamination of the bit by flitter and swarf is reduced to a minimum, as no magnetic bits are required. This reduces the risk of contamination when using the TOBI® Drive-System.

Elimination of expensive vacuum technology

The vacuum technology previously used in assembly consists of a vacuum generator and a vacuum sleeve attached to the fastening system. This high-precision sleeve must be specially manufactured for each screw type and screw dimension, as it encloses the screw above the top of the head, creating a vacuum that holds the screw in the nosepiece. 

This technology is slow, energy-intensive, and only limited in its process reliability due to its sensitive vacuum-based approach for suctioning and holding the screw. Users must also accept limitations in the design of the screw head, as the largest possible contact surface must be achieved. 

The TOBI® Drive-System does not require any complex system technology. Due to the self-holding effect, this innovative drive system also holds screws made of non-ferrous metals (e.g. stainless steel, titanium or aluminum) securely in all positions. This leads to significant cost and time savings and to a reduction of the CO2 footprint.

Pick-up also possible with rotating spindle

The TOBI® Drive System ensures easy insertion of the screwdriving tool into the screw head, which is also possible when the spindle is rotating. This prevents time loss due to poor 'finding' of the recess in the screw head and speeds up the assembly process, making it more cost-effective.


Especially in the field of micro screws, which often have a very flat head, the use of the TOBI DRIVE® system offers several advantages:

-Easy, fast, and above all, secure picking of the screws

-Stable grip and secure guidance due to the self-retention effect and the axial alignment of the screw, even with the flattest heads.

-Safe fastening possible with minimal bit insertion depths.

The TOBI® Drive is suitable for various applications and can also be used in the field of micro screws.

Head of TOBI® Drive-System

Fabian Unterderweide

Head of TOBI® Drive-System

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Application Engineering Manager TOBI® Drive-System

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Application Engineering Manager TOBI® Drive-System

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