Product presentation: Combination of products with TOBI® Drive-System



TOBI® Drive-System

The new Drive-System includes the drive tool (bit) and the screw head profile (drive) with an enlarged usable contact area, an axial alignment between screw and tool and a reliable self-hold of screw head profile and tool. The TOBI® Drive-System simplifies the installation process immensely.

Axial alignment of the screw

During insertion of the drive tool (bit) into the screw head, the system aligns itself axially. This simplifies handling even in areas that are difficult to access.

Larger contact area

A contact surface between bit and screw head that is up to ten times larger ensures lower surface pressure and thus less wear.

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The self-hold effect eliminates the need for compressed air. The TOBI® Drive-System also holds non-metallic screws securely in all positions. This saves costs and also resources.

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Several screws with TOBI® Drive system

The new drive system

Due to its unique geometry, the TOBI® Drive-System offers several advantages for the customer. Learn more about the technology behind the system.


Specific advantages

The TOBI® Drive-System offers advantages for home and craftsmen as well as for industrial customers:




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